This diary belongs to: Kev St. John.

From: Chelmsford, Essex, England

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This is a personal diary and is for my eyes only. Don’t you dare read another line.


Look at you still reading, cheeky. Ok, I like you. You can carry on.

I’ve only gone and bloody done it. I’ve waved goodbye to Essex and am crossing the globe to Australia! The idea of backpacking is as alien to me as car-mechanics or cunnilingus, but it’s about time I tried some new things. Who knows, maybe I’ll ‘find’ myself? Hell, maybe I’ll find someone else!

These updates will record my entire Big Gay Aussie Adventure; from rubbish Essex homo to cocky Sydney lothario; from heartbreak to heartbreaker; from chubby wall-flower to Queen of the Fucking Mardi Gras.

Caution: contains unedited private diary entries; featuring gratuitous self-pity, extreme sarcasm, and scenes of an explicit nature (if I’m lucky). Think Adrian Mole meets TOWIE, with a fabulous sprinkling of fairy dust.





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